Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing is a core component of our business at UPM Raflatac. Working closely with our suppliers ensures responsible practices along the entire labeling supply chain.

Responsible sourcing is a core component of our business at UPM Raflatac. 

Our responsible sourcing goals are ambitious

By 2030 we aim to have:

  • wood fiber from 100% certified sources
  • 100% of our raw material spend qualified against the UPM Supplier Code
UPM Raflatac - responsible sourcing goals 2030
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From our suppliers to us

Through our Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), we have pinpointed our supply chain as one of our biggest sources of environmental impact. This means that it’s essential we carefully select suppliers that provide sustainable materials and act responsibly.

Responsible sourcing in action

Transparent and systematic supplier requirements are the basis for our supplier selection process and supplier performance evaluation. These requirements define our expectations in terms of ethical sourcing practices, including economic, social and environmental practices.

We require our suppliers to apply the principles of our Code of Conduct and to fulfill the criteria defined in the UPM Supplier Code. For example, we expect all our suppliers to act with respect for international human rights directives and follow local labor laws wherever they operate. Environmental impact should also be minimized in every way possible, including proper waste handling.

In terms of wood based raw materials, we track the wood species and the countries of origin to meet the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act. Supplier audits are also carried out as part of our responsible sourcing process.


Our experts don’t just act responsibly – they also take responsibility

With over 5,000 suppliers in around 60 countries, working together is essential for the journey toward a more sustainable future. To promote sustainably sourced materials, our Label Life Awards recognize suppliers whose sustainability initiatives promote best practices and responsible sourcing.

Our expertise is available to help our suppliers achieve their sustainability goals and uphold responsible sourcing practices – we take responsibility together.

UPM Raflatac - Our expertise is available to help our suppliers.