Put safety first

​UPM Raflatac strives to create a safe, enjoyable work environment for both its customers and employees. 

We participate in the UPM-wide safety program, the "Step Change in Safety 2012–2014." Our goal is to achieve world-class safety in all of our operations. As a result of this initiative, our safety record has improved markedly and is getting stronger every day.

Our safety program targets are:

  • No fatal accidents
  • A lost-time accident frequency below five (per million hours of work) by 2015

We reach our targets by providing:

  • A demonstrated commitment to work safety and employee well-being
  • Continuous actions to reduce absenteeism due to safety incidents
  • Programs that ensure equal rights for all
  • A corporate environment that promotes diversity and equality
  • Good employee/employer relations

Our safety culture extends far beyond our employees. Our subcontractors and visitors work alongside us to deliver world-class safety performance.