Pharmaceutical label change management guarantee

A secure, long-term supply backed up by world-class expertise and comprehensive customer support.


Ensuring stability by managing change

Change management is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Unforeseen changes in raw materials or the packaging of pharmaceutical products can potentially cause unintended effects on purity and stability that create serious risks to patient health and brand security. With a robust change management process in place, these problems can be avoided. 


Our promise

  • We promise a minimum of 36 months’ secure rolling availability of unchanged materials. This is made up of a two-year shelf life for label stock combined with a minimum of 12 months’ notice to test, validate and qualify a new material according to regulatory requirements.
  • If we do need to change an existing product we provide global change notification control at a component level for all our pharma and health care labeling products.
  • We offer a last-call notification to allow bulk purchases before production is discontinued, in order to help guarantee supply 

Working together for peace of mind


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