Download white paper: Migration safe pharmaceutical labels improve product safety



Your guide to navigating complex pharmaceutical packaging

Low-performance labels that create leachable chemical compounds may fail testing or perform poorly across your pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle, resulting in significant launch delays or costly recalls.

This white paper created by pharmaceutical packaging experts walks you through the key steps in ensuring migration-safe packaging and labels.

Learn in this comprehensive white paper:

  • What is primary, secondary, and tertiary pharmaceutical packaging?
  • Glass vs. plastic packaging - what are the pros & cons?
  • What key regulations for pharmaceutical packaging must I take into account?
  • How and why can label materials leach into packaging forms?
  • What drug packaging does the FDA classify as high-risk for leaching?
  • How can I streamline packaging testing to speed up product launches?
  • What industry best practices should I adhere to, such as change management procedures?