Label Life

UPM Raflatac aims to make labels a visible and sustainable part of the life cycle of all products. We state that labels matter, to make customers, brand owners and consumers take the matter seriously and also take action towards more sustainable choices.

With concepts such as Label Life, we can offer our customers a holistic understanding of how labels impact their processes, as well as tools for reducing their environmental footprint. 

Enabling sustainable choices with life cycle assessment

UPM Raflatac’s Label Life tool is based on life cycle assessment (LCA) that is a scientific method for analysing the environmental impacts of products. Our LCA is the most comprehensive in the industry and covers every stage of the label’s lifecycle from raw material sourcing through to end of life. It also works in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO 14040/44 standards for life cycle assessment.

The Label Life tool gives credible information on three fundamental environmental impacts: greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and water consumption. It also enables users to compare two Raflatac products with each other and choose a relevant end-of-life scenario for liner.

The tool helps label printers and brand owners understand the life cycle impacts of different label stock products, and provides them with credible information about the environmental performance of their labels. With this information, they can make more sustainable choices.

Together we can develop more sustainable business through focus on raw material choices, product design, responsible sourcing, efficient operations, product performance and the end-of life solutions we can offer. 

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