Global megatrends drive sustainability in the label industry

Global megatrends such as population growth, digitalization and climate change are powerful and complex forces that are certain to impact society and business. The challenges that they bring with them will also affect the label market and drive change in every business that hopes to stay relevant in the future. At UPM Raflatac, we believe that we can find sustainable solutions to meet these demands.

UPM Raflatac is one of the few companies in the label industry that operates on a global scale, and we take megatrends and their implications seriously. Despite the challenges this brings, we believe it is our responsibility to meet these challenges with sustainable solutions. We see sustainability as a strategic issue and commit to being a leader in sustainability performance. We aim to help our suppliers, customers, brand owners and partners understand why labels matter. And by making sustainable choices, we can work together to build a better, more sustainable and smarter future.

Megatrends drive label demand

Global megatrends are driving long term growth for the labeling industry. This is an opportunity for companies who will provide sustainable solutions and contribute to a smarter future:

Population growth and urbanization

  • Global increase in label demand

Digitalization and e-commerce

  • Packaging labels
  • Logistics


  • Single households, private consumption
  • Packaged food

Higher standards of living

  • Ease-of-use
  • Shelf-appeal
  • Tailored marketing
  • Differentiation

Making sustainable choices is the only way to manage growing demand responsibly

With a continuous increase in the global demand for labels, environmental sustainability is more important than ever. To do good business we have to be environmentally responsible and optimize our use of natural resources, eliminate waste and reduce environmental emissions.

Based on UPM’s 2030 Responsibility Targets, the UPM Raflatac management team has set environmental objectives for the company with a particular focus on the following areas:

  • Understanding the environmental impacts of our activities, products, and services from a life cycle perspective
  • Maintaining a responsible sourcing framework
  • Using raw materials and natural resources efficiently 
  • Minimizing waste
  • Cooperating with interested parties to seek better solutions for label stock waste

With these objectives in mind, we offer ecodesigned labeling solutions, which take all the steps in the life cycle of a label into account, including raw material choices, label production, transportation, printing, dispensing and end-of-life.

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