Circular economy in the label industry

​At UPM Raflatac, we optimize our use of raw materials through the lifecycle by ecodesigning our products and offering recycling solutions for label waste through RafCycle®. With these actions, we offer a holistic understanding of how design and material choices affect product recyclability, and we help our customers and brand owners to reduce waste and turn yesterday’s waste into tomorrow’s valuable raw materials. We are promoting circular economy and our activities are influencing developments throughout the label industry. What’s more, our pioneering, proactive approach enables us to turn technological innovations into commercially successful solutions, bringing significant value to our customers and brand owners.

The circular journey begins with ecodesign

The journey begins with the ecodesign of labels. This enables us to select raw materials like certified fibres and biobased films that fit our needs, while also making sustainable choices for lifecycle performance and recyclability. Ecodesign can promote circularity through design choices which consider all the steps in the life cycle, including raw material choices, label production, transportation, printing, dispensing and the end-of-life to circulate products, components and materials at the highest utility at all times.

RafCycle® enables circular loops

Through RafCycle, we offer recycling solutions to our customers and brand owners, to enable giving their label waste a new life. Paper release liners can be de-siliconized and recycled back into pulp and paper. The re-use of recovered wood fibres in paper products is a closed-loop solution and a shining example of sustainability at its best. In addition, the by-products from labelstock production and label converting (coating and slitting waste, printer matrix waste and PP liner) can be re-used as raw material for UPM ProFi® composite products.

Labels matter, and by working with UPM Raflatac, our partners, brand owners and customers can turn them into a sustainable part of the product life cycle. 

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