Unique new Void label products enhance security

​We have expanded our Void security labelling range with products offering enhanced security and greater visual differentiation.


Void films provide tamper-evidence and product authentication, protecting consumers and supporting their loyalty and trust in brands. They leave a text, pattern or logo on packages and casings when the label is partially or fully removed, and they cannot be smoothed back down undetected.

Our standard voids leave a sticky residue on the labelled substrate. When packages need to remain attractive and are part of a product’s value, ‘No Tack’ voids leave a smooth and silky message that doesn’t attract dust or dirt.

For custom requirements, we produce special voids with texts, patterns, logos and colours according to specifications from label end-users and brand owners.

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 More features, looks and applications

  • Void Text Tinted TC 36 offers a darkish, semi-silvery metallized transparent look unlike any other.
  • Void Text 2Colour TC 50 has a green exterior, while the hidden text is revealed in blue.
  • Void Fluor Red/Blue TC 50 is unique compared to standard clear voids due to a semi-covert security feature. When exposed to UV light, the top surface reflects in fluorescent blue (also supporting label detection), and the reverse reflects in fluorescent red.
  • Void Text Blue TC 36 and Void Text Red TC 36 are available in rage of colours and thicknesses to expand existing options.
  • Microvoid Blue PP TC 50 is a flexible material for labelling tightly contoured and small-diameter surfaces. The reduced void text size is ideal for smaller label sizes.
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 Void label products