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Innovation isn’t just our heritage, it’s our passion

UPM Raflatac – prototype materials for innovative labels

UPM Raflatac’s prototype labeling materials offer innovative, inspiring, and surprising labeling solutions with a real wow effect.

We have a great variety of materials available that all have that special something – some are very eye-catching, some are tactile or have a specific functional or technical feature, others are made of unusual materials. Our wide range includes options for different end-use applications: food, beverage, home and personal care, retail labeling, wine and spirits, or security labeling.

Our innovative prototype range includes:

  • Pro Function for superior performance - including materials with special technical and holographic features
  • Pro Touch for a difference you can really feel, with options that feel like velvet or wood 
  • Pro Look for those who want to stand out with striking visuals, including pearlescent and brushed copper looks
  • Pro Eco to give you a sustainable advantage, with papers made of algae or bamboo

These stunning materials and their full potential can only be appreciated when you hold them in your hands. Our prototype book has approximately 50 label materials, but full development is always a joint process between you and us. Get in touch with us to find out more.

“Our prototype solutions are developed together. In the folder you will see our most representative samples, but there are plenty of options if we put our creativity and expertise together. Every prototype material is developed individually and the technical feasibility and availability must be checked on a case-by-case basis. Together we can take on the challenge and push the boundaries of self-adhesive technology.”

David Lopez, Development Manager, Specials, UPM Raflatac


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