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Create new label materials with MENU Solutions

Can’t find exactly what you need from our product labeling range? We're here to help – UPM Raflatac’s MENU Solutions puts our market-leading component portfolio and technical capabilities at your disposal. You can create new product combinations if an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t quite meet your needs, or make adjustments to the technical properties of existing products.

UPM Raflatac – prototype materials for innovative labels 

The benefits of MENU Solutions include:

  • Increasing your capabilities as a dynamic solutions provider by offering individual solutions for specific needs
  • Marketing high value-added products and avoiding being continually squeezed on margins
  • Protecting ongoing business as a supplier of exclusive materials
  • Fine-tuning products to quickly resolve customer issues

What can I do with MENU Solutions?

UPM Raflatac’s MENU Solutions allows you to combine existing components into an individual product such as your own new label stock combinations, multilayer constructions (multitacs), or transfer adhesives and tapes (multitac industry).

If our existing products don’t have the performance required for label conversion or a particular application, a relatively small adjustment or addition may be all you need:

  • Modify adhesive coat-weights
  • Modify release values
  • Create solid laminates like reinforced papers
  • Add a back imprint, including our shadow print
  • Create opaque materials including specific colors
  • Create adhesive-free areas (pattern gumming)
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 Interested in hearing more?

​Contact your closest UPM Raflatac sales representative for immediate technical assistance and pricing.

 Create small batches quickly

Urgent issues require fast and flexible solutions. Our MENU Solutions products have low minimum quantities for trial rolls or orders starting at only 1,000 m², with a typical lead time of seven working days.
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