RafMore smart label solution

RafMore is much more than a label – it is a completely new innovative solution that allows brand owners to turn ordinary product labels into smart packaging that tells an ever-evolving story. Using the latest digital printing technology, RafMore transforms traditional product packaging into connected packaging with a unique traceable identity.

RafMore connects products to the web through a unique code that can be read on any device using a variety of readily available technologies – including NFC, RFID, and QR. Any label printer can offer the RafMore solution to their customers in cooperation with UPM Raflatac.

Brands can track each unique product during production, verify its authenticity, improve inventory accuracy, and get real-time analytics to improve logistics processes or for promotional purposes. RafMore also allows brands to create entirely new service models and ways to engage with customers on a personal level by telling a dynamic and engaging story based on who scans the code on the label, and when and where they scan it.

Easy and cost-efficient to implement without altering existing printing systems or product design, RafMore is much more than a label.

Smart label, smart packaging, internet of packaging, brand promotion, brand protection, tracking
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​Try RafMore out for yourself by scanning these codes

Step 1 – Scan the first unique code on Label 1 with a QR code scanner on your phone to get the first question
Step 2 – Scan the second unique code on Label 2 with the same scanner to see the answer to the first question and get the second question
Step 3 – To see different content, download the RafMore app for your smartphone and scan the codes for authentication

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