Give labelstock waste a new life with RafCycle®

​RafCycle® reuses byproducts from all stages of the pressure sensitive label lifecycle: process waste from coating and slitting operations, matrix and start-up waste from printing and die-cutting and liner waste from label dispensing. RafCycle has been a key element in UPM Raflatac’s sustainability approach since 2007. 

Recycled self adhesive label waste is given new life as one of three end-products: UPM ProFi® composite material, energy or paper.

UPM ProFi® composite material

  • Label stock waste can be turned into UPM ProFi composite products.
  • UPM ProFi repurposes coating and slitting waste, printer matrix waste and PP liner. It has won awards for innovation.
  • UPM ProFi is used for patio decking and facades. It is a more durable alternative to traditional decking materials and more sustainable than controversial tropical hardwood.
  • The company UPM ProFi is one of the major wood-plastic composite manufacturers in Europe.
  • The material is made at our state-of-the-art factory in Germany and is distributed across Europe.


  • Combined with other biomass fuels, labelstock waste can be used as fuel at UPM’s highly efficient combined heat and power plants.
  • The waste-to-energy method is currently available at UPM power plants in Germany and Finland.


  • Paper-based release liner can be recycled into pulp and back into paper.
  • As the world’s largest user of recovered paper in graphic papers, UPM leverages its collection network to gather the volumes needed for release paper recycling and to make this program highly cost-efficient.

RafCycle process 

Please contact your closest UPM Raflatac representative to learn how you can implement your own recycling solution for label waste.