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Thin film liners ProLiner Plus and PET23

Thin film liners ProLiner Plus and PET23Productive and efficient – more label face and adhesive options backed by ProLiner Plus and PET23!

If you’re in the high-volume paper label business, you’ll know the benefits of strong, thin film liners like ProLiner Plus and PET23. Especially when they’re backed by a wide selection of label faces and adhesives offering top performance in end-uses like food and beverage labelling.

Top productivity where ‘uptime’ is money

Compared to paper liners like HG65, ProLiner Plus and PET23 yield more labels per roll for fewer roll changes – that’s more uptime for maximum production efficiency. Label converters may also be able to switch to bigger roll diameters in in our Mega service, enabling further productivity gains.

Highest speeds in all conditions

Each liner offers a reliable choice for label converters, packers and brand owners seeking optimally fast label conversion and dispensing. Higher strength and excellent moisture resistance compared to paper liners guards against breakage to keep lines running – even in chilled and humid conditions.

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New ProLiner Plus supersedes ProLiner PP30 ProLiner Plus supersedes ProLiner PP3021/09/2015 06:00:00

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