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Excellent design underpins a well-adhered tire information label. Our technical options help you get even more out of your tire brand label.

Tire labels can be printed on letterpress, flexo, offset, and screen presses with UV-curable inks. Most face materials are also printable by thermal transfer. We also supply label stock for printing using direct thermal, inkjet, and UV inkjet techniques.

​Pattern gumming

To ensure easy conversion for the end-user printing unit, pattern gumming is available with an adhesive-free edge that assists printing and prevents adhesive bleed from high coat weight adhesives. In addition to standard layouts, specification-based options are also available depending on your application.

Back imprint and shadow print

A back imprint is a security feature that allows printing on the reverse side of the release liner, with standard or customized print options.

Shadow print offers peace of mind that the tire brand label is authentic. The reverse side of the label face is printed in a single color, which does not show through so it doesn’t affect the outward look. However, the shadow print is tamper-proof and any alteration results in damage to the label face or rubber adhesive.

Opaque coloring

Tailor-made colors offer opportunities for brand differentiation or unique batches of labels. Tire labeling solutions also include PP films with high chemical and water resistance and dimensional stability. PP films with opaque coloring ensure that there is no visible staining on the tire label surface.

Double-sided siliconized backing

For the most durable labels, we recommend polyester face materials. They offer good heat and chemical resistance as well as good readability when using thermal transfer (TTR) printing.

Vulcanization labels for internal logistics

Vulcanization labels made with the RD50 label adhesive are ideal for internal logistics. Because they are dispensed onto the rubber before the vulcanization process, they are made to withstand high temperatures and pressure, ensuring barcodes stay readable.

Tire labeling products

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