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Send the right message as an innovator in postal stamps

Upm Raflatac postal stampsWhile electronic communication has reduced the overall size of the market for postal stamps, there’s growing demand for special editions for philatelic interests. Requirements are also growing for embedded security features which authenticate high-value stamps.

UPM Raflatac’s considerable resources in materials expertise, product innovation and security solutions are at your disposal. Our anti-counterfeiting technologies secure postal operators’ revenues, and we’re able to develop unique twists that will make your stamp the flavour of the month – just as we did with the world’s first flavoured postage stamp.

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All your needs delivered – rolls and sheets, gummed and self-adhesive

UPM Raflatac is a one-stop solutions provider for all your postal stamp needs. We offer a comprehensive range of products in rolls and sheets, with an innovative selection of face materials designed for printing techniques including rotogravure, offset, intaglio and digital. The same face materials are available gummed and self-adhesive.

A choice of backings for our self-adhesive products meets requirements for various stamp layouts including coils, sheets and booklets. Highest-quality backing papers are available for demanding printing.

Signed and sealed with fast, consistent and secure supply

Our state-of-the-art product innovation and production technology deliver materials of the highest attainable quality and performance. Product consistency is assured from one shipment to the next, and our multiple production sites guarantee security of supply.

All this makes UPM Raflatac the first-class choice for any postal business seeking quality and reliability with less commitment to stock. And as the smart choice environmentally, the faces and backings in our stamps range are FSC certified as proof of sustainable sourcing.

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​For tailored solutions and security features, please contact your closest UPM Raflatac representative.



Postal stamps between tradition and modernity – UPM Raflatac at Asian International Stamp Exhibition–-upm-raflatac-at-asian-international-stamp-exhibitionPostal stamps between tradition and modernity – UPM Raflatac at Asian International Stamp Exhibition05/12/2016 09:00:00
UPM Raflatac at Security Printers 2015 in Copenhagen Raflatac at Security Printers 2015 in Copenhagen22/04/2015 06:00:00

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