RafFruit Plus

​Food-safe reliability for rough fruits

Labelling rough food produce like melons, pumpkins and squashes? Our RafFruit Plus labelstock applies a dual approach to reliable product tracing and branding – and stands out from the crowd with an adhesive specially formulated for food safety.

To prevent label loss, RafFruit Plus combines a foil backed paper label face with the RH 5F hotmelt adhesive. The foil acts as a ‘memory layer’ to neutralize the natural tendency of the face material to peel back into a flat position, and the adhesive has a high coat-weight for secure adhesion to rough surfaces.

Many other solutions for labelling rough fruits are exactly the same as those used for tyre labelling. RafFruit Plus is different because it’s purpose-designed for fruits, with an adhesive formulation that minimizes the risk of migration and maximizes consumer safety. A declaration of conformity (DoC) meeting regulatory stipulations for food uses is available on request.

RafFruit Plus / RH 5F / HG65