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Consumer safety is of utmost importance to us. With this in mind, we decided to take good manufacturing practices (GMP) to the next level.

UPM Raflatac is the first self-adhesive laminate supplier to have all factories in Europe certified according to the ISO 22000:2005 food safety standard. This certificate ensures that the products are designed and manufactured according to the European Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation (GMP), EU 2023/2006. The management systems are certified and regularly audited by a third-party auditing company and confirm our continuous effort to build a food safety culture into the DNA of our operations. Read more about our certificates.

We also constantly follow the European legislation for food safety to make sure our label material range for food is compliant within the intended use. Read more about our food safety policy.

Your role in food safety

Consumers expect that food packaging is safe. It is the duty of each business operator in the packaging supply chain to secure on their behalf that the safety of the packaging materials are evaluated and that information about the intended use of the material is supplied to the next business operator. Brand owners and packers have the responsibility to assess the safety of the final packaging application. They know the packed food – its nature, quantity, storage time and temperature. They also know the size of the label as well as other materials involved, like printing inks, for example.

With so many requirements it can be hard to keep up, but there are some basic steps to choosing legally compliant, food safe label materials:

  1. For a new or changed packaging application, consider the safety assessment before the application is realized.
  2. Ask for Declarations of Compliance (DoCs) from your label material vendor and make sure they are comprehensive.
  3. Make sure your label material vendor can demonstrate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the food supply chain and can prove compliance with the relevant legislation. Requesting a ISO 22000 certified food safety management system you can simplify your purchasing process as you don‘t need to separately check how GMP compliance is met.

Food safety compliance supports your sustainability

We at UPM Raflatac are committed to responsible business practices and therefore we have taken the challenge and brought our food safety to the next level. Our ISO 22000 food safety management system in UPM Raflatac’s European factories confirms our compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice, supports us in building a food safety culture and ensures continuous improvement. Our partners can now easily check we have food safety practices in place and under control without involving in a heavy auditing processes. By choosing the suppliers with ISO 22000 certification you can protect your brand and avoid possible product withdrawals.

Food safety can be the part of your sustainability communications. Today’s consumers are in the know about food safety. They read labels, they care about packaging and its sustainability and how it interacts with the food that they consume.

We not only have the material range compliant to food safety regulations, but also many sustainable options on the menu. We can help you design recyclable food packaging, minimize food waste, reduce raw material use and choose renewable sources.

Take the next step and partner with us to design safe and sustainable food packaging.

Food label products

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6415780042814DATARP51KRAFT SPECIAL 75
6415780088287DATARP51KRAFT SPECIAL 85
6415780042777DATARP51WHITE GLASSINE 85
6415780058082DATARR21KRAFT SPECIAL 75
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6415788103500FASTWEB BRITE130 PEFC----
6415788101315FASTWEB BRITE170 PEFC----
6415788101339FASTWEB BRITE250 PEFC----
6415788102527FASTWEB BRITE350 PEFC----
6415788103715FASTWEB MATT 115 PEFC----
6415788103647FASTWEB SATIN170 PEFC----
6415788103654FASTWEB SATIN200 PEFC----
6415788101285FASTWEB SHEEN170 PEFC----
6415788101292FASTWEB SHEEN200 PEFC----

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