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Durable labels for transportation

UPM Raflatac – durable labels for automotive and yellow goods

Transportation applications are associated with extremely demanding conditions, including dramatic temperature fluctuations and repeated exposure to corrosive chemicals and abrasive grit.

To meet these challenges, UPM Raflatac offers a range of durable labels for yellow goods as well as automotive, marine, and aviation equipment. Our adhesives are all solvent free, including RX15 for the most demanding conditions.

Tough labels designed to last the long haul

Transportation applications require superior labels with permanent adhesives combined with excellent temperature and chemical resistance. We have a variety of high-performance adhesives for these harsh conditions, including our RC15, RC18, RC20, and RX15 solutions.

RC15 is a permanent adhesive specially designed to provide outstanding adhesion on polar surfaces like glass, steel, or ABS. It also offers excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Our RC18 adhesive offers strength and permanence. It is uniquely designed for film face materials in end-uses requiring very good adhesion as well as good temperature and chemical resistance.

For excellent performance in tough transportation conditions, RC20 fits the bill. It’s an ultra-permanent clear adhesive for film face materials with a high coatweight for rough and demanding substrates. It also has very good temperature and chemical resistance.

In extremely tough environments, our breakthrough RX15 adhesive provides remarkable durability. It is a high-tack adhesive specially designed for film face materials. RX15 adheres strongly throughout the lifetime of the product and remains stable on polar surfaces in various environmental conditions such as UV light and temperature extremes, and when exposed to chemicals.

Optimal face materials

For the most durable labels, we recommend polyester face materials. They offer good heat and chemical resistance as well as good readability when using thermal transfer (TTR) printing. We offer the following robust face materials for transportation use: PET White and PET Silver, as well as overlaminates for print protection.

Durable label products for transportation​

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