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Solvent-free label technology

UPM Raflatac – UV-cured and catalyst-activated adhesives

The solvents typically used for the highest performance self-adhesive labels can present risks to the environment. They also have a higher environmental impact during their life cycle due to the energy required after adhesive coating to evaporate the solvent, which is a lost residual.

But we’ve changed all that. UV acrylic adhesives from UPM Raflatac are all solvent free. This not only reduces the environmental impact of producing our labels, it is also an eco-designed choice for your product labeling. And by embracing our alternative, you can highlight your position as a leader in sustainable product labeling practices.

Exceptional durability, achieved sustainably

For extreme conditions like high-temperature automotive labeling, our solvent-free RX adhesives are the superior choice. RX15 is a high-tack adhesive for metal, glass, and other polar substrates that adheres strongly throughout the lifetime of the product. For non-polar surfaces such as PE and PP plastics, RX18 offers the same extreme levels of adhesion and durability. Both products remain stable under a range of environmental conditions, including when exposed to UV light or chemicals.

Specially designed for film face materials, labels backed by adhesives in the RX family remain firmly in place and do not slip, making them a sustainable and dependable choice for all durables applications.

UPM Raflatac Lifecycle assessment

Based on our LCA (life-cycle assessment) study – performed in accordance with ISO 14040/44 standards – on a standard polyester product when paper liner is recycled at the product end of life, our RX15 adhesive also reduces energy consumption, water usage, and carbon emissions during production compared to traditional solvent adhesives.

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Durable label products​

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6415788091012ALUMINIUM TC 40RC18HD 70
6415788078297PE WHITE STRONG 165RC18HD 70
6415788058671PET CLEAR TC 36RC18HD 70
6415788089477PET CLEAR TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788017579PET CLEAR TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788118245PET CLEAR TC 50RC18PET 30
6415788219515PET CLEAR TC 50RX15HD 70
6415788274330PET CLEAR TC 50RX18HD 70
6415788097984PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788097434PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788101254PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RC20HD 70
6415788232408PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RP37SHD 70
6415788089415PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788061930PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788089682PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RC20HD 70
6415788232330PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RP37SHD 70
6415788218884PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RX15HD 70
6415788274316PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RX18HD 70
6415788256886PET MATT SILVER DTC50RC18HD 70
6415788059067PET MATT SILVER TC 36RC18HD 70
6415788232347PET MATT SILVER TC 36RP37SHD 70
6415788093696PET MATT SILVER TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788053867PET MATT SILVER TC 50RC18HD 70

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