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Enduring labels for home appliances

UPM Raflatac – labels optimized for home appliances

When it comes to home electronics, small and large appliances, and other household goods, you need labels designed to withstand the long-term use and variable environmental conditions within the home.

UPM Raflatac offers a complete range of durable labels for electronics, appliances, and household goods. The labels feature moderate heat and chemical resistance, as well as lasting adhesion both inside the home and outdoors. Plus, our solvent-free adhesives are suitable for polar and non-polar surfaces.

Labels that truly stick around

For general-purpose home appliance uses, our RP37S adhesive gives high adhesion even on non-polar surfaces, as well as good resistance to water, chemicals, oils, and UV light. This adhesive works with films in combination with paper liners.

In more demanding household environments and under intensive use conditions, you need labels with a permanent adhesive combined with good temperature and chemical resistance. We have a variety of adhesives that meet the challenge, including RC15, RC18, and RC20.

RC15 is a permanent adhesive specially designed to provide outstanding adhesion on polar surfaces like glass, steel, or ABS. It offers excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Our RC18 adhesive offers strength and permanence. It is uniquely designed for film face materials in end-uses requiring very good adhesion as well as good temperature and chemical resistance.

And for the highest performance in the toughest household uses, RC20 fits the bill. It’s an ultra-permanent clear adhesive for film face materials with a high coatweight for rough and demanding substrates. It also has very good temperature and chemical resistance.

Optimal face materials for household goods

For the most durable labels, we recommend polyester face materials. They offer good heat and chemical resistance as well as good readability when using thermal transfer (TTR) printing. We offer the following robust face materials for home appliances: PET Clear, PET White, and PET Silver.

Durable label products for home appliances

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6415788118245PET CLEAR TC 50RC18PET 30
6415788017579PET CLEAR TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788089477PET CLEAR TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788053867PET MATT SILVER TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788089675PET MATT SILVER TC 50RC20HD 70
6415788093696PET MATT SILVER TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788218907PET MATT SILVER TC 50RX15HD 70
6415788027646PP SILVER TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788014318PP CLEAR TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788105986PP SOLID WHITE TC 60RC15HD 70
6415788089767PP SOLID WHITE TC 60RC20HD 70
6415788089736PP WHITE TC 60RC20HD 70
6415788053003PP WHITE TC 60RC18PET 30
6415788047859PP WHITE TC 60RC18HD 70
6415788092101PP WHITE TC 60RC15HD 70
6415788234426PP WHITE TC 60RP37SHD 70
6415788058671PET CLEAR TC 36RC18HD 70
6415788097434PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RC18HD 70
6415788232408PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RP37SHD 70
6415788097984PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RC15HD 70
6415788101254PET EXTRA WHITE TC 50RC20HD 70
6415788232330PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RP37SHD 70
6415788061930PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50RC18HD 70

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