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Tamper evident labels for peace of mind

Tamper-evident seals and labels for added security | UPM Raflatac

Tamper-evident labels are a powerful deterrent to theft and relabeling. They are based on destructible and ultra-destructible papers and films that are destroyed when an attempt is made to remove them.

Anti-tamper labels help secure the authenticity of products as they can be printed with identification numbers or other critical information such as warranty numbers and expiry dates. They are also often used as package seals as they are impossible to transfer to other packages.

Destructible label faces

Destructible label papers either have a very low grammage and tear into small pieces when an attempt is made to remove them, or they have a high thickness and weak internal strength, which causes them to delaminate, meaning they split into layers. Destructible film label faces employ the same principles: some thicker films delaminate, while others fragment.

Ultra-destructible face materials

Ultra-destructible label papers are extremely brittle materials that are impossible to remove in one piece once adhered. They make ideal tamper-evident seals for applications such as packaging and warranty sealing, or where highly reliable tamper evidence is required at all stages of the supply chain.​

Long-term supply stability

Our Raflasec range of security products comes with the added benefit of a guaranteed 30 months of supply stability – including a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacture and six months’ notice of any future change.

Raflasec Holo Security has an eye-catching holographic appearance and can be combined with security cuts so that the label breaks when tampered with. The material’s attractive appearance makes it an ideal choice for luxury packaging applications.

Raflasec Fibres contains both visible and invisible fibres to allow authentication under UV light. The material’s chemical sensitization feature means it changes color if removal with chemicals is attempted, while its low internal strength ensures that the label tears easily if someone tries to peel it off.

Raflasec Seal tears easily when removed and also offers low investment costs combined with high opacity and printability.

Raflasec Chameleon is an innovative material that changes color when removed and cannot be reapplied, while its dry-peel feature ensures that no adhesive residue is left behind.

Enhanced security with strong adhesives

Strong adhesives combine with our tamper-resistant face materials to ensure that the tamper seal either tears, flakes, or delaminates if removal is attempted.

Our Tamperproof Lite face material tears if removed and uses RP36 adhesive.

The label film Acrylate Gloss Clear UD, Acrylate White UD TC and Acrylate Clear UD TC will flake when tampered with. It is best matched with RC18 adhesive.

PE Security and Foamed PS films are paired with RC18, RP77, or RP37S and will delaminate when removed.

Raflasec Holo Security uses RP37S adhesive, Raflasec Fibres and Raflasec Seal can be matched with RP36, and Raflasec Chameleon uses RC18.

We also have a selection of different face materials that work with our RP62 EU adhesive to support legislative requirements for individually authenticated, tamper-evident packs to protect the supply chain from counterfeits in the pharmaceutical industry.

While some of our customers still choose standard security products like voids for pharma applications, the additional features of our RP62 EU products make them the optimal choice to ensure pharmaceutical change management.

Tamper-evident label products

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