Ensure safe food labeling

European Regulation EC 1935/2004 is the framework regulation which applies to all food contact packaging materials in the area. This framework regulation ensures that all materials used for food contact do not transfer substances to the food in quantities large enough to:

  • endanger human health
  • cause unacceptable changes to the composition of the food
  • weaken the properties of food regarding how it looks, tastes or smells

UPM Raflatac’s label material range for food complies with this regulation.

Fitting in more health information for better-informed choices

Regulation EU 1169/2011 covers mandatory food information on the package and its correctness and clarity, as well as nutritional information for food. This legislation allows consumers to make better-informed choices.

  • Food information on the package must be clear, easily readable and understandable. There are rules about text size and clear presentation of information.
  • Food information on the package must never be misleading, origin and manufacturing method have to be stated, and it must include information such as composition, allergens and certain critical food ingredients, storage conditions and use by dates.
  • Further nutritional information is required, such as serving size and calories, and recommended daily intake percentages.

Meeting specific rules for packaging containing plastics

Regulation EU 10/2011 is a legal obligation that minimizes the risk of food contamination from any plastic layer of the packaging.

Direct food labels with a plastic layer and all film labels applied to primary packaging must be supplied with Declarations of Compliance (DoCs) stating the conformance to relevant legal requirements, the substances controlled by EU 10/2011 and the recommended use of product. Each company in the packaging supply chain is responsible for sharing DoCs for its products with key partners. The final responsibility of assessing the safety of the final packaging application is for the packer/brand owner.

UPM Raflatac’s film label stock features face stocks that are food safe including FTC food top coat and corona films (PP/PE). These products cover most of the food labeling applications requiring a film label face. FTC label films make legal compliance easy, provide options to improve your sustainability as well as your productivity, and support visual appeal that’s on-trend and in demand.

Making a safety check for label papers and boards

Currently there is no common legislation at the EU level specifically for papers or boards. Paper and board label materials must, however, comply with the Frame Regulation EC 1935/2004, GMP-regulation, relevant national legislation in EU member states, for example German law and relevant BfR (The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) recommendations.

Other components of the label – like adhesives and coatings – need to comply with the applicable parts of the Plastics regulation.

Contact your local UPM Raflatac sales representative for further compliance information and individual Declaration of Compliance (DoC) documents on each product component regarding UPM Raflatac paper and board materials for food.

Contact us to get key documentation

In the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) document we provide “Specification of use” based on the migration tests carried out by a third party accredited laboratory. Label printers and brand owners are welcome to contact their local UPM Raflatac technical sales or sales offices for assistance obtaining the necessary documentation, advice and support.