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PET MATT SILVER TC 50 V / RC15 / HD 70DJL/RC15/286415788210765

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Date12.08.2019 SI
ProductPET MATT SILVER TC 50 V / RC15 / HD 70
Sales CodeDJL/RC15/28
Product useProduct designed for durable labeling applications on polar surfaces, such as steel, glass and ABS. This product performs well for the lifetime of the labelled product providing good adhesion and very good resistance against chemicals, UV-light, heat and moisture.
Typical technical values
ProductSilver, top-coated matt polyester film.
Substance70g/m²DIN 53352
Caliper50µmDIN 53370
Tensile strength MD170.0N/mm²DIN 53455
Tensile strength CD180.0N/mm²DIN 53455
PrintabilityFlexography, screen, letterpress and offset. Special inks designed for non-absorbent materials should be used. Thermal transfer with selected ribbons.
TypeClear permanent adhesive.
CompositionRadiation-cured UV-Acrylic.
Tack20N/25mmFTM 9(on glass)
Peel 180°25N/25mmFTM 1(on glass)
BackingHD 70
ProductA white transparent glassine backing paper.
Substance60g/m²ISO 536
Caliper53µmISO 534
Tensile strength MD6.6kN/mISO 1924
Tensile strength CD2.5kN/mISO 1924
Transparency50%DIN 53147
Total caliper127 µm
Minimum labelling temperature5 °C
Service temperature-40 °C to 150 °C
Shelf lifeFrom date of manufacture: 24 months, under FINAT defined storage conditions (+20-25°C and RH 40-50%). Prolonged storage at higher temperatures and/or humidity levels will shorten the shelf life.
Adhesive coatweight23 g/m²
AdhesionDue to the fact that the adhesive needs a certain time to reach its final adhesion, we recommend waiting at least 24h (better 72h) after dispensing the label to the substrate before proceeding with any performance tests. Test Conditions: 23°C, 50%RH FTM1: 180º Peel Adhesion (300 mm/min) with 72 h dwell time
Stainless Steel22
Thermal Transfer RibbonsThermal Transfer Ribbons (included in File MH26760): Armor AXR 7+, Ricoh B110A
UL and CSA complianceUL recognized acc. to UL969 and CSA recognized acc. to C22.2 No. 0.15. File-No. MH26760
ULFile MH26760
Application SurfaceMax Temp [°C]Min [°C]Indoor UseOutdoor Use
Acrylic Paint100-40xx
Alkyd paint150-40xx
Galvanized steel175-40xx
Polyester paint100-40xx
Stainless steel175-40xx
Nylon - Polyamide80-40xx
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene80-40xx
Typical valuesThe listed technical data are typical values and give indications about the performance of the material only. They are not intended for specification purpose.
DisclaimerThe performance of the product should always be tested in the actual application conditions. Our recommendations are based on our most current knowledge and experience. As our products are used in conditions beyond our control, we cannot assume any liability for damage caused through their use. Users of our products are solely responsible that the product is suitable for its intended application, and have determined such at their sole discretion. Users must comply with any applicable legislation and/or testing requirements for the finished article, and are responsible for bringing their products to market. This publication does not constitute any warranty, express or implied, and is intended only for the recipient and cannot therefore be transferred to any third party. We cannot assume any liability for the use of our products in conjunction with other materials. All our products are sold subject to UPM Raflatac’s general sales conditions, and you should ensure that any existing laws are observed. This publication replaces all previous versions. All information is subject to change without notice.

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ServiceWidth (mm) / Length (m)
Small roll1000/500

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