Labels that Make Life Better

UPM Raflatac OptiCut linerless labels, better for business, consumers, and the environment.


OptiCut™ Linerless Labels Deliver Tangible Benefits Across the Board

Meet your sustainability goals with OptiCut linerless labels. Traditional thermal labels with liners use up more raw materials when they are made, and they create more waste. OptiCut offers you a flexible, efficient, and high-performing solution that supports business efficiencies with less impact on the environment.   

OptiCut combines excellent adhesion with the minimum adhesive build-up on the automatic cutting knife in linerless printers. This will prevent paper jamming in your printers and improve print quality. We have developed OptiCut solutions for all major direct thermal linerless printer OEMs and end-use environments.

Download our OptiCut Linerless Labeling Guide 

Increased labeling efficiency with clean-cut and excellent adhesion



  • Thinner and lighter design requires less reel changes allowing for more labels per roll
  • Minimal adhesive build-up prevents paper jamming to reduce maintenance requirements
  • Linerless design eliminates the time and costs associated with processing and disposing of liner waste


  • Excellent adhesion for a wide variety of applications, from rough surfaces to sub-zero temperatures
  • Delivers a crisp barcode on every package


  • Eliminates the need to stock multiple labels sizes by allowing you to cut to size in-house
  • Can be used with a handheld printer for quick price reductions
  • Allows consumers to DIY label weigh-scale products

“We developed OptiCut™ in collaboration with our partners across the value chain. Our innovative and sustainable solution is the optimal choice when you are looking for clean cutting performance on the printer combined with excellent adhesion on the package.”

Brinder Gill
Brinder Gill, Sales Director – Linerless
+1 267-218-3002