Harness our technical capabilities

Leverage UPM Raflatac’s technical capabilities to create pressure sensitive label products with high added value and fit-for-purpose functionality. Put our technical and label materials expertise and world-class production technology to work on your customers’ behalf, enhancing your reputation for innovation and problem solving.

Stay secure with Shadow Print

To make Shadow Print, UPM Raflatac prints the underside of the label face with one color before coating the adhesive and laminating the liner. The result? A security feature that is an integral and inseparable part of the label. It’s difficult to duplicate, impossible to remove undetected and infinitely more secure than printing on the adhesive. Ask now for this cost-efficient, higher-security solution that serves as your warranty of label stock origin. Use Shadow Print to build customer trust in your supply of specified or homologated labeling products.

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Transfer adhesives and Multitac industry solutions

Use our adhesive packages and Multitac industry solutions to:

Produce invoice sheets with transferable address labels for shipping and logistics

Apply a transfer adhesive package to the reverse of the sheet, leaving the liner in place. Then die-cut the sheet from the front. The end-user prints the sheet (laser or thermal), and removes the die-cut portion for use as a shipping label or packaging label. Compared to full self adhesive sheets, labels made with selectively applied transfer adhesive patches are more cost-effective and produce less waste.

Create removable and resealable label applications

Use UPM Raflatac Multitac Industry products to develop removable and resealable labels, such as direct mailers that offer detachable sheets and envelopes and pouches with reclosable seals.

Produce your own self-adhesive laminates and custom labels

Remove the top liner from a transfer adhesive and add a whole new web to produce small volumes of custom self-adhesive laminate. Print and die-cut custom labels exactly to your customers’ specifications.

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Ensure the perfect cover-up with opaque label materials

Opaque labels cover up unwanted information on printed packaging and labels, conceal surfaces and hide the contents of clear containers. Covering print and surfaces this effectively gives a clean-looking finish to labels, ensuring that they perform functionally and are at their best.

Creating cover-up labels is more cost-efficient and convenient than removing old labels and replacing entire packages. Use cover-ups to hide obsolete variable information, barcodes and pricing quickly and easily, without disrupting your operational processes and deliveries. The print is easy to read, and barcodes scan with brand-new reliability. Over-labeling with opaque papers, films and Multitacs is a widespread practice in areas like logistics and transport, pharmaceutical and industrial chemical labeling and food and retail promotions.

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Utilize protective films to seal and safeguard key componentsTechnical Capabilities Protective Films

Protective films cover and seal surfaces and openings on components during transit, storage and final assembly. They play a vital role protecting expensive and sensitive parts from aesthetic or mechanical damage caused by abrasion, liquids, dirt and other contamination. Keeping components safe from damage enables manufacturing assembly processes to run smoothly and efficiently.

Applications include casings and TFT displays for electronics from televisions to mobile phones and GPS units; housings, control panels and machine parts in the mechanical engineering industry; and brake housings, painted panels, emblems, car rims and carpets in the automotive industry.

UPM Raflatac offers different combinations of films and solvent-free adhesives to match the application requirements. They safeguard a wide range of surfaces by covering them with custom labels and adhesives that provide easy, residue-free removal, while balancing clarity, conformability and resilience.

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