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Labels for white and sparkling wines

Labels for white and sparkling wines

Your label is a marketing tool to attract, intrigue, and close the deal with consumers. Whether it’s elegantly simple or makes elaborate use of inks, foils, or embossing, the label represents the heritage, passion, and dedication captured in every bottle.

For white wine labels in dry conditions, coated, uncoated, textured, and metallized papers can all be used. For humid conditions, our Wet Strength treated (WSA) papers as well as Ice, Ice Premium, and film products are the perfect choice.  

Ice and Ice Premium labelstock

Designers are looking for textured papers with a visual and tactile depth that connects with today’s consumers – but the magic is lost if the label turns gray, wrinkles, or falls off when wet or on ice.

Our Ice and Ice Premium products have been developed and tested to ensure that brands are showcased at their finest. The adhesive performs to the highest standard and, with premium-quality label faces, creates the perfect combination to meet the wine industry’s highest expectations.

Products in our Ice range withstand temperature fluctuations, remain smoothly adhered in humid refrigerated storage, and stay free from edge-lift, bubbles, and wrinkles – even when on ice.

Ice Premium products have a level of wet opacity that puts them in a class of their own. Even after hours in the slurry of an ice bucket, the label materials, inks, and other embellishments look as solid and vibrant as when dry.

Labels for white and sparkling wines 

The best adhesives for white and sparkling wines

RP30 is specially formulated for wine labeling with paper face stocks and meets the lifecycle challenges of champagnes and sparkling wines, as well as whites, and rosés.High initial tack on the dispensing line gives superior adhesion even on moist and cold surfaces, without label slide. Good tolerance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity keeps labels looking their best, from bottling and storage to serving. RP30 also provides very good resistance to edge-lift and retains good hold in ice-bucket conditions.

RP30W offers the very latest wash-off performance for paper labels on wines.
This adhesive has good performance on the label dispensing line, with reliable bottle application even in cold conditions.

RP37 is a general-purpose adhesive for films in combination with paper liners that gives high adhesion combined with good resistance to water, chemicals, oils, and UV light.

RP74 delivers excellent clarity in combination with clear film faces. Clear-on-clear label combinations with our PET liners provide the smoothest possible bottle contact.

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