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Roll on with labels for tires

​Rugged road warriors, tire labels travel the global supply chain before settling down in automotive supply shops. Pressure sensitive labels for tires must get a grip on uneven treads, while providing vital information about their products, including the brand, type, dimensions and item barcode.

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Label adhesives are especially critical. High coat-weight adhesives that have strong tack keep labels secure, while withstanding chemicals generated by tire rubber and manufacturing processes. UPM Raflatac offers the RH T high coat-weight adhesive for general tire label needs.

Adhesives must hang tough during these phases of the tire lifecycle:

  • Laminate conversion
  • Label dispensing
  • Distribution and storage

However, the adhesive must also provide residue-free removal of the label from the tire.

Keep a strong barrier with our tire labeling solutions

For tires with extremely rough profiles, such as winter tires, UPM Raflatac recommends Raflatyre, a paper face material backed with an aluminum layer. The aluminum barrier prevents tire and adhesive components from migrating through to the face. The aluminum layer also has a ‘memory folding’ property, which helps the label conform and stay fixed to the tire profile.

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