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​Retail is one of the most competitive industries around, so it comes as no surprise that brand owners make full use of the best in retail labels and labeling solutions. Retail labels provide vital information about products from garments and accessories, to home and personal care goods, to weighed food items – and more.

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You’ll find retail labels playing a vital role in:

  • Custom label printing and price marking – Custom labels are typically printed in one or two colors and designed for short-term use. They help clinch the sale, so there is no need for significant environmental resistance.
  • Weigh-scale labelling – Direct thermal printing on pre-printed labels.

UPM Raflatac offers a wide variety of paper and film label materials for all retail applications, including clothing labels. Our label products combine optimized performance with flexibility and versatility for both primary and secondary labeling purposes such as:

  • Promotional solutions and labels
  • In-store pricing
  • Size marking labels
  • Mattress, shoe and clothing labels
  • Decorative labels

Feel the heat with thermal labels 

In retail labeling, it pays to have fresh ideas. Direct thermal labels are in high demand for self-service weigh-scale labels, meat labels and fruit and vegetable labels. Easy to use thermal printers turn up the temperature to produce labels that can be instantly applied to products in tight quarters, such as behind deli counters.

‘Eco’ direct thermal face materials are used for weigh-scale labels, which provide variable information at the point of sale. These labels are used for a wide array of products, they often require resistance to fat and oil.

Fruit and vegetable labels are often applied directly to edible skins, so their adhesives must be approved for direct food contact. Labels must maintain exceptional adhesion to their natural packaging as they travel through the supply chain.

Meats and cheeses often have greasy, rough or moist surfaces. These demanding applications are ideal for ‘Top’ direct thermal face materials.

Removable adhesive for retail application

Whether stuck to a cardboard box, new dinner plate, or piece of fruit, a label that’s tough to remove is frustrating – and may even spoil the product or packaging. And when the label does eventually come away, spending even more time removing adhesive residue is another hassle consumers can do without. UPM Raflatac’s industry-leading removable adhesives are ideal for ensuring clean, easy label removability in a wide variety of end uses, including household goods labeling, retail shelf-mark labeling, promotional labels on product packaging, and labeling for transport and logistics packaging. Our general-purpose RR22 adhesive is ideal for most cardboard, glass, and plastic packaging. This adhesive is available with a range of face materials.   

Bisphenol A free thermal papers

Public speculation over Bisphenol A’s (BPA) health effects has prompted some retail chains to move away from using this synthetic compound. BPA is used to develop color in thermal papers, including cashier receipts. UPM Raflatac offers FSC® certified, BPA-free and phenol-free alternatives to traditional thermal label stock.   

Food label materials have the right touch

All food label stock products manufactured by UPM Raflatac are tested and approved to comply with directives related to direct and indirect food labeling regulations. Check out our approach to food label compliance »

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