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Promote your brand with resistant oil can label materials

UPM Raflatac – sturdy labels for oil cans and oil canisters

Oil can labels promote their brand and give consumers essential information about the can or canister contents. They need to be resistant to oil and conformable around different shaped containers. They must also stick no matter what material the can is made from or the environment they are kept in, which can be dirty indoor environments like garages and car repair shops or even outdoors. ​

The can’s wall thickness is also important – if it is thin the oil may migrate. The label must also withstand changes in bottle shape. Usually acrylic adhesives are used for oil canister labeling as they offer repositionability and a good balance between adhesion and resistance to chemicals and moisture.

The right face material and adhesive will depend on how and at what point the oil canister is labeled. Hot labeling is when the container is labeled directly after blow molding. In this case the label needs to move with the bottle and keep its shape, while the bottle may outgas and shrink.

Delayed labeling is when cans are filled from stock once they are already cold. If the bottle is filled with hot oil, it can expand. When the oil cools down, the bottle shrinks back to its normal shape. Any spills during filling must also be tolerated.

To meet these varying needs, PE films are typically used in oil can labeling as they provide excellent flexibility without dimensional distortion, avoiding the problems of warped print and creased labels.

Label products for oil cans

Multi-purpose adhesives can be used for oil can labeling, for our full product range, please use Product search or contact your closest UPM Raflatac representative.

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