The RX adhesive family – a strong bond that lasts for life

The RX family of extreme-strength adhesives provides enduring adhesion in some of the most challenging conditions encountered by self-adhesive labels, including automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics applications.
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RX15 for polar substrates 

RX15 provides immediate, extreme adhesion on polar substrates like metals, glass, polycarbonate, and ABS plastic – even in the presence of moisture and at elevated temperatures.

RX18 for non-polar substrates

RX18 provides the same level of extreme adhesion on non-polar surfaces like PE and PP plastics. As soon as they’re applied, labels remain firmly in place with no slip.

​Strength and stability

These high-tack adhesives are specially designed for polyester face materials. They adhere strongly throughout the lifetime of the product and remain stable in various environmental conditions, including when exposed to UV light or chemicals.

​Solvent-free sustainability

The solvents typically used for the highest performance self-adhesive labels can present risks to the environment. They also have a higher environmental impact during their life cycle due to the energy required to evaporate the solvent after adhesive coating.

Our RX adhesives and UV acrylic adhesives change all that because they’re completely solvent free. This not only reduces the environmental impact of producing our labels, it is also a more ecodesigned choice for your product labeling.

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