Choose the right paper face material

There is a wide array of UPM Raflatac face papers to choose from. Uncoated papers are often the best choice for office and retail information printing, because they provide excellent value in the printed piece. Coated papers have an excellent printability. You’ll find these products in a wide array of consumer products. Eye-catching fluorescents, colored materials, foils and metallized papers are designed for promotional and decoration purposes.

Which type should you choose for your next printing project? We have organized our labeling products in the table below so that you can easily review and select the best papers and films for your particular end-use. Our product index gives you detailed information on each paper face material, its appearance, use, printability and other technical values.

​For rolls

​​Properties and end-uses

​​A4 papers​​Make the grade with A4 papers for inkjet and laser printing, small office/home office (SOHO), industrial and logistical, laboratory and product labels
​​Boards​​Boards with gloss or matt finish provide high stiffness and rigidity
​​Colored papers ​​Colored papers are ideal for display, price marking and promotional uses
​Gloss coated​Shine on with high-gloss or mid-gloss finish face stocks for exceptional product decoration
​Matt coated​​A smooth matt finish provides good print results and excellent thermal transfer printability.
​​Uncoated​An economical, printable thermal transfer paper is ideal for every day office and business use
​​Opaques​Cover up unwanted information with papers that carry an opaque layer on the reverse side.
​Thermal​Premium and economy smudge-proof papers for your direct thermal label needs
​Vacs & foils ​Set a new standard for luxury with metallic colored foils and high-end holographic papers
​Wet strength ​A paper that endures bottle washing and knows how to chill out in wine ice buckets