Roll and efficiency gain calculators

​​​Use our calculators to find out the specific roll diameters and material lengths that meet your machine specifications, or to help identify areas of potential efficiency gain such as savings per hour/week/year by using a thinner caliper material.

Click the appropriate tab, enter in the necessary data and click "CALCULATE" to see results in the gray field(s) below.

​*These calculators are for estimation purposes only​.​​​​​​​​

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Select units:선택 단위:
Core diameter:지관 직경:
Material thickness (milsmicrons):제품 두께 (mils미이크로미터(㎛)):
Roll length (feetmeters):롤 길이 (피트(feet)미터(m)):
Estimated roll diameter (inchesmillimeters): 예상 롤 직경 (인치(inch)밀리미터(mm)):
Select units:선택 단위:
Core diameter:지관 직경:
Roll outside diameter (inchesmillimeters):롤 외경 (인치(inch)밀리미터(mm)):
Material thickness (milsmicrons):롤 외경 (mils미이크로미터(㎛)):
Estimated roll length (feetmeters): 예상 롤 길이 (피트(feet)미터):
Select units:선택 단위:
Total caliper existing (milsmicrons):기존 제품 전체 두께 (mils미이크로미터(㎛))
Total caliper new (milsmicrons):신규 적용 제품 전체 두께 (mils미이크로미터(㎛))
Downtime cost ($/hr):교체 비용($/시간):
Downtime for roll changes (hours/week):
Downtime cost/week due to roll changes ($): 롤 교체 비용/일주일($): Custo parada máquina/semana devido a trocas de bobinas
Weekly savings: 주간 절약: Economia semana:
Annual savings: 년간 절약:


Want improved productivity?​

Total Overall Cost (TOC) of applying a label can be improved significantly when utilizing UPM Raflatac's 2nd generation materials that are of thinner caliper.

Reducing the overall thickness of the label stock by downgauging the liner, face stock or both can result in possible efficiency and sustainability gains throughout the supply chain.

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