Introducing PE 65

​An ecodesign that lasts - squeeze after squeeze   

UPM Raflatac’s PE 65 is the newest addition to our existing range of PE film label materials. These thinner versions of our standard PE 85 film constructions offer the same excellent conformability, squeezability and resistance to water, oils and chemicals, making them the perfect alternative for squeezable containers and tubes in the home and personal care labeling segments.

PE 65 is available in both clear and gloss white finishes, and these materials are paired with our RP37 water-based adhesive for films. The thinner calipers of our PE 65 products allow for more labels per roll and longer roll lengths*; resulting in higher efficiency and less down time. Additionally, thinner films reduce transportation and packaging costs at several stages in the operational process.

Choosing ecodesigned products, like our thin PE 65 materials, can also help reduce the environmental impacts of your labels. For example, implementing PE 65 into your portfolio can have an 11% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 6% reduction in water consumption and a 9% reduction in energy use during the entire product life cycle.**

*With the same roll diameter, PE 65 is 16.67% longer than PE 85. **Based on UPM Raflatac’s LCA study on PE Clear 65 versus PE Clear 85, performed in accordance with internationally recognized ISO 14040/44 standards.