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Spirits labeling

​​​​Pressure sensitive labeling helps build your brand image and loyalty. These labels cultivate creativity and enable ink-packed designs. Clear films, smooth and rich papers as well as metallized papers create value by giving your brand an upscale look.

Fine label stocks for wine and spirits - ebrochure »​ 

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Success with Three Olives vodka: Choosing the best adhesive for your brand is equally as important as choosing the best facestock for the job. The label for a spirits application must withstand various environmental factors. UPM Raflatac's RP48AT is up to the challenge! Continue reading to learn about the partnership success with the Three Olives vodka »

Love at first site  O-I Peldar glass meets UPM Raflatac label stock: With UPM Raflatac self-adhesive solutions, O-I Peldar has found the perfect companion to continue innovating high-quality, revolutionary designs for glass labels. When the company was introduced to UPM Raflatac, O-I Peldar quickly realized this world-leading supplier of self-adhesive label materials had plenty to contribute. Read more here »

Emerging labeling trends

Eclipse Black™ – The Dark Horse of Wine Labeling: Sometimes the decision really is black or white. Super sleek solid black labels on clear or black bottles really stand out on the store shelf or behind the bar. This look can be acheived with UPM Ralfatac's Eclipse Black. Read more »

Silvervac WSA: Your label gets new life: Product packaging proves to heavily influence consumer purchasing decisions. How your product appears on the retail shelf is important, but what about the recognition of your brand during or after its consumption? The life of the label depends on many factors, including the environment that the product will be stored or consumed. Factors such as moisture, humidity and freezing conditions can adversely affect paper label stocks. Silvervac WSA, ideal for beverage, beer and spirits labeling, ensures your brand image survives throughout the lifecycle of your product. Watch our Silvervac WSA video ​»​

VANISH™ – Invisible never looked so good: Super thin, clear labels allow consumers to see through the label to your high-quality product. This no- label look also allows your brand image to shine. Learn about UPM Raflatac’s new VANISH range »

Craft beverage labels

Brands both large and small are focusing on the art and science of creating distinctive beverages for consumers willing to pay more for a unique thirst-quenching experience. Read more here »

Anti-counterfeiting labels

Anti-counterfeiting labels serve as a powerful proof of authenticity for the simple reason that they are difficult to reproduce. Specific properties and features are incorporated into the label face materials which are unique to each manufacturer. Read more here »

Spirits label products

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