Craft beverage companies gain speed-to-market with a new packaging and labeling strategy

For craft beer and other beverage manufacturers, business is booming. So it's no wonder that these new and growing companies are seeking packaging and labeling solutions that help them compete effectively in the market.

Traditionally, craft beverage producers have had to make significant investments in packaging to take their products to market. Many have turned to lower-cost cans to package drinks, but still must buy large volumes of preprinted cans or pay for expensive shrink sleeves to showcase their brands effectively. This approach limits companies' ability to test new products, serve niche markets and make the most of demand for seasonal and other flavors.

With the market entrance of 0.92 mil PET invisible labels, craft beverage manufacturers can now adopt a new winning packaging and branding strategy. With blank cans and ultra-thin clear PET labels, these companies can package and take to market beer, sport and energy drinks and other beverages in volumes as small as 1,000 to 2,000 cans. Only 0.92 mil PET labels meet craft beverage makers' business imperatives of achieving high-end branding, speed-to-market, operational flexibility and a price point that fits all budgets.

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