RafMore smart label solution

​RafMore is much more than a label. It is a smart label solution that gives each and every product a unique digital identity and connects it to the web through a unique code. With RafMore, all labels can tell an ever-evolving story depending on who scans the code, when and where.

With RafMore, you can track each unique product during production, verify its authenticity, improve your inventory accuracy, get real-time analytics for your logistics or brand promotion, and create entirely new service models and ways to engage with your customers on a personal level.

Easy and cost-efficient to implement without altering existing systems or product design. RafMore works with any unique machine-readable code, with any technology and on any device.
Smart label, smart packaging, internet of packaging, brand promotion, brand protection, tracking
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​Download our RafMore app and try it by scanning these codes

Why don’t you give it a try?
Step 1 – Scan the first unique code on Label 1 with a normal QR code scanner on your phone and get the first question
Step 2 – Scan the second unique code on Label 2 with the same QR code scanner and get the answer and the second question
Step 3 – To see different content, download the RafMore application and scan the codes for authentication

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