Paper release liner recycling

​Through RafCycle®, paper release liner is collected, repulped, de-siliconized, and returned into pulp and paper in UPM’s papermaking process.
As the world’s biggest user of recovered paper in the production of graphic papers, UPM is committed to minimizing solid waste and maximizing the reuse of raw materials. The reuse of recovered wood fibres in paper products is a closed loop solution and a shining example of sustainability at its best. 

  • The RafCycle concept for paper liner waste is open to all parties in the labeling value chain
  • All colours and shades of paper-based liner are accepted
  • Liner waste must be free of cores, cardboard, undispensed labels and other contaminants
  • Collection bags, bins and containers provided by UPM
  • Collection and logistics are handled by UPM’s Recovered Paper (RCP) Sourcing organization and its extensive partner network
  • The recovered release liner is de-siliconized and processed into pulp at UPM’s Plattling mill in Southern Germany

By becoming a RafCycle partner, you can acquire the added value of an environmentally responsible enterprise:

  • Save on costs from waste disposal
  • Up to 40% less carbon emissions compared to landfilling*
  • Anticipate legislative changes
  • Enjoy a recycling solution that is accommodated to your needs
  • Show how you are reducing your company’s impact on the environment

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Closed-loop recycling – a reality
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To find out more about RafCycle or to implement your own release paper recycling solution, please contact your nearest UPM Raflatac representative.

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* Based on UPM Raflatac’s LCA study on HG65 liner recycling versus landfilling, performed in accordance with internationally recognized ISO 14040/44 standards.