RafShrink product range

​​UPM Raflatac shrink sleeve films provide exciting opportunities for 360-degree product branding without compromising productivity, recyclability, or sustainability.

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​We offer the following solutions for sleeve labeling applications:

​TDO films

Traditional high shrink TDO sleeve films for highly contoured product decoration. Introducing a floatable alternative for those wanting to maximize the output and quality when recycled.

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​MDO films

Next generation MDO sleeve films for brands seeking the latest high-productivity sleeving capabilities combined with maximum performance when recycled.

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​MDO vs. TDO film manufacturing

The difference between MDO and TDO film technology is the direction the film shrinks in when exposed to heat.

A traditional shrink sleeve is called TDO because the film is stretched in a transverse direction.

UPM Raflatac – see our range of MDO and TDO shrink sleeve films 

MDO shrink film is oriented in the machine direction as it passes through a series of rollers with a specific speed difference.


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With an MDO sleeve, the RFS sleeve is seamed on the applicator. A TDO sleeve is seamed and inspected in separate process steps before the applicator.



 Printing > Seaming > Inspection > Application > Shrinking