UPM Raflatac shrink sleeve films

​Every brand wants to make their product stand out. Shrink sleeve films are the fastest growing method for labeling because they open up unique possibilities for package design, shape, and 360-degree decoration.

UPM Raflatac shrink sleeve films not only make your product more attractive to consumers, they can also increase recyclability.

Our floatable polyolefin MDO and TDO shrink sleeve films are based on proprietary technology and our range is complemented by high shrink PETG TDO sleeves.

We provide label printing and application trial support, product and ink recommendations, and sustainability and environmental services. Our extensive slitting and distribution network guarantees short lead times for both small and large orders.

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We are happy to answer any shrink sleeve labeling related questions. Please contact your local UPM Raflatac representative, or use the Contact us form. 

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​MDO sleeve = RFS sleeve is seamed on the applicator vs. TDO sleeve is seamed in a separate process step before applicator.