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Reliably squeezable film labels for squeezable containers

UPM Raflatac – Raflex MDO and PE film labels for squeezable containers

Polyethylene (PE) film answers many of the challenges raised by squeezable packaging, and our Raflex MDO film offers a flexible alternative that combines squeezability with a higher degree of stiffness in the machine direction.

Packaging labels for squeezable containers need excellent conformability and flexibility, and must be able to cover round and curved shapes, often with thin walls. Tube labeling in particular requires the highest level of flexibility.

PE labeling solutions are resilient enough to survive in environments that are often damp or humid – while continuing to be attractive and informative for consumers. PE is suitable for large labels and can be printed without a topcoat.

From shampoo bottles to oil can labels

Home and personal care packaging, food, and oil can labeling are common end-uses for PE films. Clear PE labels have a slightly hazy appearance that is a good match for personal care products in matt or semi-matt containers. There are also plenty of other options available, including white, matt, gloss, and metalized PE films.

Squeezable containers make up a large percentage of the personal care market and can present their own unique challenges. Labeling solutions for wall-to-wall squeezable containers must be flexible and resilient enough to remain attractive and informative to consumers after withstanding a high number of repeated squeezes and being placed in damp or humid environments.

Wall-to-wall squeezability and compound curves

Both the container and the viscosity of its contents play a role in how squeezable a label must be. Hair conditioner containers are normally wall-to-wall squeezable due to the high viscosity of the contents. A modern and fashionable type of packaging for hair conditioners is an upside-down bottle – also known as a tottle – which is wider at the bottom. A full squeeze is needed at the bottom where the curve is wider.

Two or three-dimensional compound curves also create a challenge, especially when combined with wall-to-wall squeezability. Depending on the type of liquid or gel they contain, bottles with a compound curve often need to be fully squeezable at the bottom of the bottle where the curve is wider. Tube labeling can present additional challenges, and once again the label must withstand repeated full squeezes.

For all these containers PE films are the ideal choice to keep branding intact and high-end products looking their very best – squeeze after squeeze.

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