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Create your perfect no-label look with transparent labels

UPM Raflatac – bringing perfect clarity to labeling with the no-label look

The increasing trend for transparent containers requires a labeling solution that can give a perfectly clear no-label look. The greater the clarity of the label, the greater the appeal of the product. The ultimate no-label look is achieved with clear-on-clear label stocks – a thin, high-clarity label face with a clear adhesive carried on a PET film liner.

High-clarity labels differentiate products by evoking feelings of quality, purity, and freshness. They also stimulate purchases by providing a better view of container contents, and continue to validate consumers’ choices long after the initial purchase – inviting repeated sales.

We offer several options for achieving an attractive no-label look:

PP Clear

PP (polypropylene) film presents a range of opportunities for an ultra-clear no-label look on rigid containers. Its thin caliper allows for seamless label integration, and PP materials are ideal for applications requiring resistance against water, oil, and chemicals – perfect for the food, beverage, and home and personal care segments.

Raflex Pro Clear

With their excellent conformability, squeezability, and printability, Raflex PRO Clear films combine the best properties of PP and PE. These ultra-clear polyolefin-based face materials offer greater flexibility than PP, allowing for a high-gloss no-label look on squeezable, contoured, and semi-squeezable containers.

Raflex MDO Clear

Raflex MDO Clear films bring a high-quality, no-label look to squeezable applications traditionally reliant on PE materials. Their high stiffness in the machine direction allows for improved label dispensing, while their flexibility in the cross direction ensures excellent conformability on contoured containers.

PE Clear

Clear polyethylene (PE) films are the most popular label material choice for squeezable bottles and tubes. PE is the most flexible and conformable label film, making it a strong performer on round and contoured container shapes. Clear PE has a slight haze and allows for a matte no-label look when applied to matte containers.


VANISH™, our ultra-thin PET label face for glass and rigid containers, brings ultimate transparency by combining a high-clarity adhesive with a smooth film liner for exceptional adhesive wet-out. The result is as if print has been directly applied to the container – the ultimate replacement for direct screen printing. It is also highly recyclable, making it perfect for labeling aluminum cans.

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