Be an operational pro with ProLiner PP30

​It’s easy to improve productivity and bring up savings with ProLiner PP30. Our film coils are about 20 percent longer than HG65 and HD70 coils with the same reel diameter. Using longer coils translates to fewer reel changes and web breaks, reducing machine downtime.

Lean on our liner for increased productivity

ProLiner PP30 increases end-to-end efficiency. This thin liner:

  • Runs on existing machinery
  • Works with existing HG65 dies
  • Provides cash back for liner waste through the RafCycle® program
  • Represents a superior-looking product with its strong press and die-cutting performance
  • Is available with both paper and film labels
  • Offers a compelling alternative to traditional glassine and PET liners

Advantages for label printers

  • Run your press longer, with fewer reel changes
  • Gain flexibility by using reels of 4,000 or even 6,000 meters in length
  • Reduce warehouse space and logistics costs by 20 percent
  • Achieve a 10 percent typical increase in labeling productivity
  • Benefit from excellent print registration and precision cutting
  • Ensure press cleanliness, by generating no fiber dust
  • Print the adhesive side precisely
  • Use a smoother liner and adhesive layer for a denser-looking print

Advantages for fillers and packers

  • Enhance performance with demanding applications (e.g., moisture resistance)
  • Improve application speeds with fewer line breaks
  • Produce 20 percent more labels per roll with fewer changes
  • Achieve smooth, high-speed label application
  • Implement a cleaner label dispensing strategy that creates no fiber dust
  • Reduce packaging waste costs
  • Convert traditional liner waste into an income stream
  • Access a globally available high quality film face material for personal care labeling needs

Advantages for brand owners

  • Enhance your brand by generating labels that have premium print quality
  • Achieve cost savings by increasing efficiency throughout the label value chain
  • Reduce packaging material weight (54 percent lighter than traditional glassine liners)
  • Advertise liner waste recycling as a signal of your commitment to sustainability
  • Eliminate glassine patterns on the adhesive layer