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In the competitive wine and spirits industry, it’s all about your brand and how you portray it on the bottle. Brand owners from microbreweries to leading global producers compete for space on crowded retail shelves.

UPM Raflatac helps you to make eye-catching wine bottle and spirits labels that provide a powerful edge in attracting consumers. We offer coated, uncoated, textured, and metallized papers and films, as well as holographic, foil, and non-metallized filmic label faces. We also offer water and ice-resistant materials and adhesives along with ultra-clear films to create a versatile range of labeling options.

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 SGA explains inspiration behind our new sample book

“The "simple" skin; our outer surface; it protects us, insulates us; it is the organ through which we physically interact with our environment; sensing, reacting… even radiating our spiritual state. It envelops a body and makes it distinctive; like a label then in many ways.

The surfaces of the natural world represent a perfect analogy for these labelling materials and introduce a conceptual content to a sample book that has also been designed to reflect UPM Raflatac’s commitment to operating with the utmost respect for the environment and its inhabitants.”

SGA Corporate & Packaging Design, chief designer Giacomo Bersanetti

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Aesthetic appeal meets unbeatable performance

Labels made of textured or embossed paper create an artisan or antique effect that resonates with consumers. Our metallized papers and foils help achieve high visual impact, present a premium image, and reinforce an impression of quality.

Our Ice and Ice Premium products not only look good, they’re designed to survive changes in temperature and humidity without peeling, curling, edge lifting, or wrinkling. Even after spending hours in an ice bucket, our Ice Premium labels won’t discolor, but emerge with the materials and colors as intact and vibrant as when dry.

Wine and Spirits Label decorations 

Sustainable labels

Our FSC® and PEFC™-certified label faces are created from raw wood materials sourced from sustainably managed forests and tracked through the chain of custody.

For our PP and PET products, we’re introducing thinner and lighter products to lighten the environmental load. Our release liners are also commercially recyclable through the RafCycle waste management concept.

Film labels – for when you need to make a statement

Our film labels are highly printable and you can use digital printing or traditional printing methods like offset litho, rotary, silk screen, UV flexo, and gravure techniques to create a label that stands out from the crowd. We also offer our VANISHTM range of ultra-clear films that disappear on the bottle, paired with a smooth film liner and specialty high-clarity adhesives to deliver ultimate transparency and exceptional wet-out performance. The effect is comparable to printing directly on the bottle, but with greater design freedom.

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 Wine & Spirits labeling news



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