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Due to the rough surface of the tire, manual tire labeling requires firm and even application to ensure adhesion. We offer a variety of rubber labeling materials for manual dispensing including paper and film faces.

A rubber-based, high tack, hotmelt adhesive is key for ensuring that the tire label stays securely in place. All our tire adhesives are resistant to tire chemicals and conditions throughout the entire lifecycle – from manufacturing and label dispensing to distribution and storage.

Ultra-performing film label faces

Syntyre E is a gloss-white polypropylene (PP) film face used for labeling relatively smooth tire profiles, such as motorcycle and summer car tires, with limited barrier properties.

Syntyre is a PP film face designed to live up to the challenges of manual labeling for low to medium-rough tire profiles such as those on winter and friction tires. As with all our PP face materials, Syntyre is strong enough to stay intact when removed.

Syntyre Extra improves resistance to tire chemicals. The barrier on the reverse side of the face prevents smudging and provides improved lay-flat performance, which means no edge lifting.

Versatile paper label faces

Raflatyre is truly a household name in the industry, still going strong after more than a decade of proven performance on rugged profiles like those on winter tires. The aluminum memory layer wraps firmly around the tire profile and provides protection from tire and adhesive components that may migrate through the label face.

Roughtack is a grease-repellent paper face material that serves a variety of labeling applications for rough surfaces.

Thermaltyre offers an active life of just a few days to provide tire logistics with a temporary labeling solution. The tire identification labels can be utilized between stages for logistics hubs, tire centers, and garages.

Silvertyre PP TC offers an attractive metallic surface to give more options for eye-catching brand promotion – a great way to promote a sporty, best-in-class, or high-tech image. This face material offers new design opportunities for the vast majority of standard car tire profiles.

Getting the best results

When manually labeling tires, it is important to make sure that you apply enough pressure to secure the label. This is especially important because of the tire’s uneven surface. Also, take care to remove the release liner from the label rather than lifting the label from the release liner to prevent curling.

Working with your die tool supplier is the best way to make sure that you have the right tools for your specific tire labeling materials. The labels should be die cut through both the face and the adhesive.

To get the best results in your rubber labeling applications, it is always good to test labels on the specific tires to be labeled and under the actual conditions of use. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our experts.

Manual tire labeling products

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