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Labeling for tamper evidence, anti-counterfeiting, and patient safety

UPM Raflatac’s tamper-evident labels for cardboard pharmaceutical packages.

We have developed a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical label products that support compliance with the Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) for packaging of prescription drugs and high-risk over-the-counter medicines.

The EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive, which comes into force in February 2019, has been designed to prevent the counterfeiting of prescription and high-risk over-the-counter drugs packed in cardboard boxes. The Directive places two demands on pharmaceutical product packaging. Firstly, packs should carry a serial number to identify and authenticate individual products, which means every product being manufactured by the health care industry will be required to have a unique device identification (UDI) number. Serialisation enables end-to-end verification as required by Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161. Secondly, packs should also include an anti-tampering feature that exposes attempts to open the packaging.

Designed for tamper evidence and traceability

Our RP62 EU and RP62 EUL adhesives are specially formulated to facilitate cardboard tearing and show evidence of package tampering to keep your labeling compliant. RP62 EUL also has luminescent characteristics for detecting missing labels.

These adhesives work with our high-quality transparent films, which blend easily with your existing package design and branding.

The following label faces all pair with RP62 EU adhesive to support legislative requirements for individually authenticated, tamper-evident packs, protecting the supply chain from counterfeits.

Pharmaclear PP Seal face material combines a destructible, non-reusable face – which noticeably stretches on attempted removal – with visible cardboard tearing for an excellent tamper-evident label. 

Pharmaclear PP Tear TC creates a visible cardboard tear on tampered pharmaceutical packs. The transparent label face also prevents label transfer onto counterfeit products by revealing the surface torn from tampered packs. 

Pharmatight label faces are relatively fragile and suffer irreversible damage or break when tampered with. Attempted removal of a Pharmatight label will also cause surface damage to cardboard pharmaceutical packs.

The ultra-destructible Acrylate Gloss Clear UD label film is irreversibly torn or broken when sealing labels are tampered with. The label can’t be re-used, further improving product safety. When combined with our RP62 EU adhesive, this UD material meets the requirements of even the most challenging pharmaceutical packaging substrates and includes the pharmaceutical product change management guarantee.

Pharmaceutical security label products

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