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Create your perfect no-label-look with transparent labels

UPM Raflatac – bringing perfect clarity to labeling with the no-label look

The increasing trend for transparent containers requires a labeling solution that can give a perfectly clear no-label look. The greater the clarity of the label, the greater the appeal of the product. The ultimate no-label look is achieved with ‘clear-on-clear’ label stocks – a thin, high-clarity label face with a clear adhesive carried on a PET film liner.

High-clarity labels differentiate products by evoking feelings of quality, purity, and freshness. They also stimulate purchases by providing a better view over the container contents, and continue to validate consumers’ choices long after the initial purchase – inviting repeated sales.

We offer several options for achieving a desirable no-label look:

PP films

PP (polypropylene) film presents a range of opportunities for an ultra-clear no-label look on rigid containers.

Raflex Pro

Raflex Pro supports an ultra-clear no-label look on contoured containers.

Raflex MDO

Raflex MDO escapes the haze of PE, introducing a clear no-label look for squeezable containers.


VANISH™, our ultra-thin PET label face for glass and rigid containers, brings ultimate transparency by combining a high-clarity adhesive with a smooth film liner for exceptional adhesive wet-out. The result appears as if print has been directly applied to the bottle – the ultimate replacement for direct screen printing.

VANISH™ - The truly invisible label by UPM Raflatac

​Label products for no-label look

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