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​When you’re looking for the most sustainable, innovative, and high-performance film labeling solutions for the home care market, our range has you covered. In this demanding segment the right label matters more than ever: stand-out shelf appeal and the ability to remain adhered even in challenging end-uses such as laundry, dishwashing, and gardening are non-negotiable.
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Understanding – and answering – the challenges of home care labeling can secure big rewards.
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The right label for every container

Consumers are drawn to strong brand imagery and expect labels to adhere and remain in place whether the container is squeezable, contoured, or rigid. With our deep technical understanding, world-class local application support, and material selection guidance, we’ll help you find the right label for every container.

Demanding requirements call for innovative solutions

Home care products regularly encounter a wide variety of chemicals and are often used in moist, wet, or humid conditions over long periods of time. For labels to remain in place and look good, water, oil, and chemical resistance is a must – especially when containers are stored outside or in places like busy garages.

UPM Raflatac’s film label materials for the home care segment provide the opportunity for iconic branding and performance that lasts. While their look and feel provides the shelf appeal that brand owners are looking for, polyethylene (PE) polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and polypropylene (PP) films also retain their functionality, dimensional stability, and visual appeal when exposed to humidity, water, chemicals, grease, oil, or UV light. Our range also includes white-clear and metallized solutions, as well as specially designed adhesives for all sizes and shapes of home care containers, including those with rough surfaces.

Market leaders in sustainability

We work tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of our home care labeling solutions, enabling brand owners to meet increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly solutions that drive the circular economy. Eco-designs include thin, lightweight constructions, PCR film and liners, wash-off adhesives and RafCycle® recycling solutions.

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​Home care labeling products

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6415789023166PE CAST CLEAR TC 85RP37HD 70
6415788292341PE CAST WHITE 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788292372PE CAST WHITE FTC 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788282304PE CLEAR 100RP37HD 70-FSC
6415780079865PE CLEAR 85RP37HD 70
6415788280737PE CLEAR 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788282373PE CLEAR FTC 100RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788240977PE CLEAR FTC 85RF37PET 23
6415788236567PE CLEAR FTC 85RP37HD 70
6415788280560PE CLEAR FTC 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788282397PE CLEAR TC 100RR28HD 70-FSC
6415788282816PE MATT WHITE TC 100RR28HD 70-FSC
6415788292457PE SATIN SILVER TC 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788282854PE SILVER TC 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415780018321PE WHITE 100RP37HD 70
6415788282694PE WHITE 100RP37HD 70-FSC
6415780053339PE WHITE 150RP37HD 70
6415788282830PE WHITE 150RP37HD 70-FSC
6415780079858PE WHITE 85RP37HD 70
6415788280768PE WHITE 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788282717PE WHITE FTC 100RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788240991PE WHITE FTC 85RF37PET 23
6415788236550PE WHITE FTC 85RP37HD 70
6415788280539PE WHITE FTC 85RP37HD 70-FSC
6415788282731PE WHITE TC 100RR28HD 70-FSC

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