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Distinctive labels for contoured and semi-squeezable containers

UPM Raflatac – conformable labels for contoured containers

Contoured and semi-squeezable containers require a labeling solution with good conformability to ensure the quality of your product is reflected in the quality of your packaging. Labels must fit well around shaped packaging without any bubbles or wrinkles – and must continue to look good, even in damp and humid conditions.

Attractive and long-lasting face materials

For contoured and semi-squeezable containers of all shapes and sizes, the transparency and flexibility of Raflex Pro makes it a popular choice.

This ultra-clear, unique polyolefin-based face material offers greater flexibility than PP – giving a high-gloss, no-label look while still offering good conformability. It is the ideal choice for labeling contoured and shaped containers – perfect for beauty product labels or other kinds of personal care labeling. It also gives good results without a topcoat.

The best adhesives for contoured containers

RP37 offers good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces, combined with good resistance to water, chemicals, oils, and UV-light. The high cohesion ensures clean and stable performance during label conversion and dispensing. It comes supplied on paper liners.

RP74 is ideal for creating a premium no-label look with clear Raflex films. It is an ultra-clear adhesive that will present a premium brand image on high-transparency containers. The superb clarity is maintained over the product’s lifetime thanks to its excellent UV-stability and resistance to water-whitening.

​Label products for contoured and semi-squeezable containers 

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