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Labels for water, soft drinks, and ready-to-drink beverages

Labels for bottled water, soft drinks, and ready-to-drink beverages | UPM Raflatac

Refreshing, natural, or simply fun – consumers are looking for a compelling story when it comes to water bottle labels, juice bottle labels and labels for soft drinks and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. You need a label that not only catches attention with a range of sophisticated design options, but also conveys the spirit of your brand. Our RafClear and RafBev ultra-clear label materials give you the no-label look combined with good water resistance.

The right label to tell your story

UPM Raflatac labeling solutions for bottled water labels and labels for soft drinks includes clear-on-clear, white, thin, matt and metalized films as well as special papers and foil labels that reflect quality and purity.

When you choose the no-label look, letters and images seem suspended on glass and plastic bottles, or use strong colors, shine, and textured surfaces to make a strong impression. With cold beverage labels, graphics on a matt film can convey a frosty appearance, while our foil and metalized papers and films are the ultimate dazzlers and are ideal for high-end label art and even embossing.

Combine stunning looks and high performance

Our labels combine great looks with excellent printability, convertibility, and durability. Adopting ultra thin film labels and liners gives a feeling of quality, while delivering increased productivity and cost savings with fewer roll changes and fast throughput.

Sleeve labeling is also an increasingly popular choice for water and soft drink labeling. Rafshrink shrink sleeves allow 360-degree decoration for glass and PET bottles and cans.

The right adhesive for any job

RP74 is designed for a quality no-label look in combination with clear label faces and PET film liners, which encourage a smooth and clear adhesive wet-out. Long-lasting clarity is assured by excellent resistance to water-whitening once labelled. Good cohesion provides clean and stable performance in high-speed conversion and label dispensing.

RP76E provides good adhesion to smooth polar surfaces like glass bottles and metal and lacquered metal cans. It is supplied with clear film label faces on filmic liners. Excellent UV-stability plus resistance to water-whitening once labelled assures long-lasting clarity. RP76E’s extra-high cohesion and the strength of a PET liner enable reliable high speeds and high productivity in label conversion and dispensing.

RC7W is designed for wash-off labels for PET beverage bottles destined for the PET recycling process. Labels can be washed off in hot caustic water and separated from ground-up PET bottles by gravity, leaving pure, food-grade polyester suitable for bottle-to-bottle use.

RC7B is designed for bottle labeling applications where excellent water and moisture resistance is required. This special permanent adhesive shows good adhesion and stays clear even on wet bottles. Its excellent temperature resistance also make it suitable for pasteurization.

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Water and soft drink label products

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