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Pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive labels from UPM Raflatac help communicate your brand’s story and character. Our ultra-clear, metallized, and textured face materials and white films allow you to create eye-catching and informative custome beer bottle and can labels that help convince consumers to buy. ​

Combine design freedom with high performance

Our range of clear-on-clear label materials and adhesives are perfect for multiple beer packaging materials, including glass and PET bottles or aluminum cans – giving you the popular no label look.

Our PP metallized silver film is a classic alternative for beer bottle labeling that offers higher gloss and resistance to moisture when compared to silver paper. We also offer white label materials, which allow printing of both stylish designs and darker elements.

To help you make the switch from wet-glue cut-and-stack labels to pressure-sensitive labels, our adhesives are designed to increase automated packaging throughput while providing exceptional wet strength on bottles.

A wide range of clear-on-clear label faces

RafBev Clear TC 40 and 50 are designed for no-label look applications in beverage labeling where highly transparent PP and a PET liner is required to ensure a high-speed process and optimized adhesive clarity. Many new lines can now dispense 40 µm even at high speeds, making RafBev Clear TC 40 an excellent choice for a thinner, clearer label.

The right adhesive for any job

RP76E is specially designed for high-speed beverage and spirits applications. It offers good adhesion to smooth polar surfaces and excellent UV stability, plus resistance to water-whitening.

RC7B is designed for bottle labeling applications where excellent water and moisture resistance is required. This special permanent adhesive shows good adhesion and stays clear even on wet bottles. It also has excellent temperature resistance and is suitable for pasteurization.

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Beer label products

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